Fast facts

  • Employees [icon]

    15,000 people

    in the Northern Cape are employed by the mining sector in 2017

  • Mining contribution [icon]
    Mining and quarrying contribute

    18% to the economy

    of this province, vs the national number of 7%

  • Mining operations [icon]
    Mining operations in the

    Northern Cape

    focus primarily on manganese, iron ore, and diamonds

  • Manganese deposits [icon]
    The Northern Cape hosts more than


    of the world’s manganese deposits

  • Ore [icon]


    and iron ore

    account for the bulk of the revenue earned in the province

  • Unbeneficiated ore [icon]


    and iron ore

    are exported in an unbeneficiated form

  • Cogs [icon]


    of manganese were produced in 2017

    95% was exported. R32 billion was earned in revenue. 8,000 direct employees earning R2.4 billion

  • Ore conveyor belt [icon]

    75Mt of iron ore

    were produced in 2017

    89% of iron ore was exported. Around R50 billion was earned in revenue

  • Mining company [icon]
    Over the past five years

    the various mining companies which operate in the Northern Cape have invested more than

    R700 million

    in development projects

Mining [photo]
Vedanta, Gamsberg